The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (VLSB) is one of just 42 All-American Roads in the United States, which are “the best of the best” of the nation’s highway system.  The byway is bookended by Lassen Volcanic National Park to the south and Crater Lake National Park to the north.

The 500-mile byway provides a rich array of geography and topography waiting to be explored. You will find volcanoes, wildlife refuges, rivers and lakes, and one of the nation’s top migratory waterfowl / bird watching areas, just to name several features.

You will find communities along the byway eager to host you and share their history and hospitality. To make it easier to explore, we’ve segmented the byway into twelve sub-regions. Begin your journey anywhere along the byway and visit areas as you have time.  Plentiful highway signage makes it a near-certainty you’ll find your path easily.

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