Discover the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway where no reservations are needed! You are in the driver’s seat while you explore some or all of this beautiful 500-mile All American Road.

This section provides nearly everything you’ll need to plan and take that ultimate trip through some of the West Coast’s most pristine lands.

On the pages below you’ll find important information on:


  • Travel Tips – Make your trip more enjoyable and more memorable with our timely Travel Tips
  • Trip Ideas – Ensure you see the most interesting sights and enjoy what you like doing
  • Volcanoes – After all, this is what you want to see, right?
  • Waterfalls – Very popular and this section shows you where to see them
  • Maps – Detailed maps for each of the nine sub-regions along the byway
  • Byway Guide – For just $10.00 get the ultimate 162-page Byway Guide
  • Winter Travel – Review our tips for winter travel along the byway


The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All-American Road exemplifies the awesome power of the American West. It features unique geology, memorable history, and breathtaking scenery, all of which intertwine to form a vivid tapestry that spans landscapes and abandoned mining towns from Crater Lake National Park to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in experiencing learning, seeking your next outdoor adventure, or simply looking to relax and recharge, the diversity of opportunities along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway is unrivaled. Explore just some of the 500-miles along this All-American Road and you’ll soon realize why visitors say there truly is something for everyone along the Byway.

Immersive Traveler?

Food, wine, unique shops, beautiful scenery and interesting heritage — what more could you ask for on a great weekend trip taking you through one of America’s truly unique landscapes, punctuated with volcanoes that loom over the terrain at varied points. Our Itineraries that include the best of the best make your visit easy.

Natural Exploration Traveler?

Millions of years ago, the earth’s plates moved and molten lava exploded between the cracks, spouting high into the sky. All that fire and fury created the Ring of Fire, a circle of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean. The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway is one the best places on earth to explore this geologic activity dominated by soaring volcanic peaks, expansive lava flows, dramatic caves, bubbling mud pots, and steaming fumaroles.

RV Traveler?

Over 50 RV parks await your visit! Enjoy the unique landscapes along the Byway, tuck in and out of historic towns, sip coffee at a local cafe, and escape into nature every so often, all while traveling this All American Road. It’s the perfect trip for RV’ers who want to explore by day and relax in a park in the evening with no care in the world.

Outdoor Recreation Traveler?

Hike, trek, or climb mountains in the beautiful terrain surrounding the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, one of America’s premier All American Roads, where the scenery is unparalleled and the outdoor recreation second to none. You can camp for the evening or relax in one of the many hotels or unique accommodations that line the route.

Traditional Byway Traveler?

Enjoy one of America’s premier Byways, bookended with two spectacular National Parks. Explore at your leisure, traveling through authentic Northern California towns, enjoying local cuisine, unique accommodations and delightful shops, learning the story of the region in heritage and cultural locations along the way.

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