Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
Come travel the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. All American Road in southern Oregon and northern California.
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You've explored Oregon's rich Klamath Basin area...now the Byway drops into California on Highway 97. Just south of the California - Oregon state boundary, Highway 161 leads east on a side trip of remarkable wonder. Along Highway 161, following the Oregon and California border, fertile farmlands provide a window on the importance of the agricultural community alongside the natural wonders of the region as the road passes the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and Tule Lake Wildlife refuge areas.

The byway turns on Highway 39 and enters the community of Tulelake. Exploring town via Main Street, travelers can experience the rich history of vernacular architecture, small shops and visitor services. The Byway then extends south through the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This is a unique experience because while the Byway is passing through wetlands and marshes in the refuge, travelers cn see the vast and rugged Lava Beds that await just ahead.

The beauty of the lava flows greet travelers as this segment of the Byway ends at Lava Beds National Monument. This fully staffed park offers many lava tube caves and trails, offering opportunities for hands-on familiarity with the geological wonders of the area. The monument also offers hikes to significant sites of Native American history, such as Captain Jack's Stronghold, site of the Modoc Indian Wars in 1873.

Lava Beds National Monument
(530) 667-8100

Tule Lake National Wildlife Visitors' Center

The Tule Lake Committee

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Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
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