Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
Come travel the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. All American Road in southern Oregon and northern California.
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Crater Lake Intro The Crater Lake Region is home, of course, to Crater Lake - a shimmering body of water that fills the caldera of Mount Mazama. The lake fills a gaping hole left by one of the earth's largest explosion in 8,000 years. As the northern jewel of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, Crater Lake can stun visitors with its beauty. The lake, which is the deepest in the United States, can be explored in many ways, including taking a boat to Wizard Island.
At Fort Klamath you will have opportunities to learn about the Modoc Indians and their struggles with settlers. The Klamath County Visitors Center in Klamath Falls can provide you with information about the outstanding wildlife viewing in the Klamath Basin. 
As you catch glimpses of Mount McLaughlin and Mount Scott along the Byway, remember that you are entering into a land of powerful upheaval where natural beauty and adventure are plentiful.

Follow the links below for detailed information on the Crater Lake Segment of the Volcanic LegacyScenic Byway.

Discover Klamath Visitors' Center

Crater Lake National Park

Klamath County Chamber of Commerce

Crater Lake Lodge

The Winema National Forest

Click for Driving Instructions

Click for the Upper Klamath Lake and Klamath Falls Region

Weather in the Crater Lake Region

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